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  • Measuring your BMI is a great way to check if you are a healthy weight for your height. The calculation divides your weight by your height squared.

  • BMI helps give you an indication as to whether you are at an increased risk of health problems that are associated with overweight and obesity. In general the higher your BMI the greater your risk of health problems. You can use our Free personal profile to check if you are in a healthy BMI range.

  • A body mass index calculation is for adults. It uses ranges for each category which takes into consideration that people come in different shapes and sizes. Please read the next question for the exceptions to the rule.

  • It is a useful measurement for the majority of people however it does have limitations:

    – Athletes or very muscular people could record higher BMI readings – this is because muscle weighs more than fat and BMI cannot account for this.

    – It is a general tool to help people identify people who may be at an increased health risk, it is not a diagnostic tool that determines the overall health of a specific individual.

    – If you are pregnant or breastfeeding BMI does not apply.

  • If you register below 18.5 this means that you may be underweight.

    If your are between 18.5 and 24.9 this puts you in the healthy weight range.

    If you are between 25 and 29.9 this means you may be overweight.

    If your BMI is 30 or above this is classified as obese.

Health Questions

  • VLCD's are designed to provide good quality protein nutrition and all essential fats and vitamins that your body requires to maintain health. You should therefore consume 100% of the recommended daily RDAs and between 400-800 kcal per day.

    The diet replaces all of your food intake with VLCD items.

    VLCD's have been used in the UK for over 20 years and have been medically proven to help reduce weight.

  • Diet Now provide a highly cost effective diet by avoiding middlemen. All our sales are made direct to you through our website.

    We deal with any queries you have via email by our own trained staff.

  • Drink plenty of water to ensure that you do not become dehydrated. If you do not drink enough liquid you may experience constipation, headaches, cramps or lowering of blood pressure.

    Try to drink between 2-4 litres of water per day. Space your consumption out over the day and do not exceed this level (it is dangerous to consume too much water in a short period of time).

  • It is strongly recommended that you do not drink alcohol while on this diet.

    Alcohol contains hidden calories and can slow your weight loss down.

    Drinking can make you feel hungry and you are more likely to break your diet.

    You can drink still or sparkling water, tea or coffee (without milk). All in moderation.

  • While you are pregnant we don't recommend reducing your calorie intake. We suggest you speak with your GP or other medical professional who will be able to advise you further. When breastfeeding you don't need to eat anything special like most it's about eating a balanced, healthy diet. Diet Now is perfect after you are no longer breastfeeding but still hoping to shed a few pounds however initially we don't recommend dieting due to the increased energy requirements you might need at this time unless you have discussed this with your GP, midwife or health professional.

  • Studies have shown that if you are looking to lose weight and are diabetic, even a small amount of weight loss could have significant health benefits. As with any medical condition it's always best to check with your healthcare professional before attempting to lose weight.


  • Most of our products are vegetarian. Check for the green V on our Products page.

  • You can use different milks like almond, soy or lactose free to make up your shakes. Just remember to take into account any difference in calories between these and skimmed milk. We advise that you drink your shake within 10 minutes of making it up otherwise taste and texture may be affected. We don’t recommend making the shakes with water as doing this would reduce your calorie intake for the day. However, if you choose to make them with water, we suggest having an extra shake throughout the day to make sure you get enough calories.

Side Effects

  • Any diet can have side effects and you should make sure that you have spoken to your health professional before starting any diet.

    VLCD can have some side effects for some people. These are usually mild and can include some hunger during the first few days. Some customers experience bad breath due to the acetones released during ketosis. This can be combated by drinking water, using a spray breath freshener if you feel self conscious about this.

    Some customers feel cold, experience cramps – both which can be easily remedied by drinking more water.

Loyalty points

  • Our loyalty points scheme is the perfect incentive to keep on working towards those goals whilst saving money along the way. No sign up is required, everyone is automatically enrolled into the scheme as you place your first order - you can view your points balance under your account.

    Split up into tiers, you will begin on Bronze level earning 1 point per £1 spent with Diet Now - you will then progress to Silver and Gold levels as you earn more points.

    Bronze level - less than 250 points - 1 point per £1 spent

    Silver level - 250+ points - 2 points per £1 spent

    Gold level - 750+ points - 5 points per £1 spent

    Each point is equal to one penny and these points can be redeemed against any future orders at the checkout - including those with promotional discounts already applied. Keep an eye out on our social media pages and your email inbox as there will be chances to receive extra points for buying specific products plus more exciting point-driven offers!

    That’s not all - to show our loyal customers our appreciation we have also added any points you would have earned before our loyalty scheme existed to your account so that you can redeem straight away.

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