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5:2 Plan

Our easiest to follow plan with approximately 700 calories each day for two days a week and the other five days a week your own food

It's suitable if your BMI is 18 or more. The plan is based on two shakes and two meal packs per diet. The 5:2 is a bit slower than our other plans so you will need to say on the diet longer to get great results.

You'll also need to drink lots of water every day.

How many weeks would you like this plan for?

4 shakes per week
4 meal packs per week

On our plans:

Drink water

Drink 2 litres (women) or 2.5 litres (men) a day of water.


Light exercise only on plans under 800 calories a day.


Moderate exercise only on 5:2 on the low calorie days.


Use 250ml of skimmed milk for your shakes.

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