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Flex Plan

This is our most flexible way to lose weight. It's a Low Calorie Diet which many people find easier to follow than the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) alternatives.

You'll enjoy two shakes per day plus a snack bar. You'll cook your own low calorie meal in the evening which should be between 350 to 450 calories.

You'll also need to drink lots of water every day, we recommend you try one of our Water Flavourings which are high in fibre as well as great tasting. You can also use them with sparkling water for a change.

How many weeks would you like this plan for?

14 shakes per week
7 snack bars per week

On our plans:

Drink water

Drink 2 litres (women) or 2.5 litres (men) a day of water.


Light exercise only on plans under 800 calories a day.


Moderate exercise only on Man Plan or 5:2 on the low calorie days.


Use 250ml of skimmed milk for your shakes.